Rumba Catalana

What Do You Know About Catalan Rumba ? There is More to it Than the Gipsy Kings

16 chapters on the history of Catalan rumba, More than 100 music Videos

The Project

Bringing Catalan Rumba at the forefront again was born, in May 2021, from a personal interest in Catalan rumba, noticing there wasn’t much accurate information available in English. It is however a pet project, not related to any business, and by no means perfect.

Having said that, knowing that musicians and artists in general have been having a hard time lately, the purpose of this site is also to bring more awareness to the genre. As such fully supports the candidacy to put the rumba Catalana on the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Unesco. [See the banner down this page].

I hope you will find the journey enjoyable, learning about Catalan rumba from an historical perspective, its major impact on Spanish culture and society for the last six decades, closely tied to the Gypsies’s destiny, with some facts rarely mentioned out of Spain. And of course for the pleasure to discover more of the Catalan rumba, the variety of the genres it inspired, the many bands that have incorporated it in their art. And by the way I do like the Gipsy Kings. There is plenty about them and their family on this website.

Last but not least, there’s the YouTube playlist, that includes all the songs mentioned in the 16 chapters of the History of Catalan Rumba – all in all more than a hundred of carefully selected songs, from the very beginnings to present days.

Have fun and enjoy your listening !


Want More ?

Who knows what may happen … Are there any people around the world with an interest about Catalan rumba ? Are you one of them ?

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    Support the candidacy to put the rumba Catalana on the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Unesco.

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